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Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Every Mother Needs Android

The Android Market provides its users with thousands of apps - just about anything that you need, from fun, to work, to necessity. You can manage your finances; you can manage your car, auto, and house insurance; you can get a barcode scanner; you can get a large variety of games; and just about anything else all on your Android phone. There are an estimated 30,000 apps on the market and about 60% of them are free. That's the highest percentage of free apps on any market.

With that said, why wouldn't you want an android phone? With the vast array of applications available, the android can be catered to nearly any life style. Take mothers for example. personal Finance, according to the app market, is "the leading online personal finance app, providing over 3 million users an easy & intelligent way to manage money, see all of your accounts in one place, set budgets, see where you spend, and find personalized savings - all for free." And more importantly whenever and wherever you are, if you need to check your account while on the road, you can. That is the freedom that an android phone gives you.

First Aid is another must have for mothers, giving you the medical advice you need in the order you need it. It gives you information on what to do if you or your child are injured. It is a great app, and like many of the apps on the market, it's free. Android Market says "First Aid is designed to help you follow the right procedures in a stressful situation or support other people by giving them instructions. It is based on illustrations, videos and short texts that show you how to take the necessary action step by step and in the right order."

Barcode Scanner - great app for shopping. With this app you can scan a barcode from boxes ect, and many other products to look up prices or even look up reviews, giving you the opportunity to find the best deal in town. Along with that, why not use The Coupon App, giving you savings at food chains, stores, and even gas stations!!! This app uses GPS to find your location and then gives you the best deals in your area. You can even personalize your search and take the responsibility upon yourself. Oh, and did I mention it's free also?!

The reason any Mother needs an android phone is because android is the future. This year at Mobile World Congress (which is the biggest gathering of cell phone companies and more in the world) an android phone won "Best Device Award." recently did a consumer report survey on the best cell phone in which an android phone won by 81%. Iphone 3gs didn't even come close, taking a mere 6% of the vote. It was instead an android that won the CNET CTIA Award for 2010. In 3 months the android market has tripled in size, and you can now have one for as little as $25 dollars (no tax on top) a month with unlimited web, text, email, and picture messaging with 300 talk minutes on Virgin Mobile. In other words you can keep up with the kids, get the best shopping, you can always be prepared for emergencies, and have the most advanced phone on the market for 25 bucks a month. It doesn't get much better than that, and if your an avid talker, Virgin has a 40 dollar plan including 1200 talk minutes. If you want unlimited talking run to Boost Mobile. They are getting an android phone soon also, the first ruggedized Iden android phone. Boost has excellent plans, and we have our fingers crossed in the hopes that the android will be on the 50 dollar unlimited monthly plan that includes unlimited talk, text, web, and walkie-talkie.

As I said earlier, android is the future. For mothers it means always having what they need when they need it. And with more than half the apps being free you don't have to worry about spending a fortune on getting all those things you need to keep your family in check on a day to day basis. My wife loves her android phone and is always on it. I love my android phone and I wouldn't trade it for any other, and I've had my share of high end phones. Only with the Android did I find what I was looking for. I don't doubt that you will too.

You might be telling yourself that they are to complicated, that you could never learn a smart phone. Well I have good news for you, these phones are some of the most user-friendly phones I have ever seen. They are extremely easy, and on top of that if I DO run into something that I can't figure out, the customer support for these phones is incredible. If I have a question all I do is ask the google server, and I have my answer. The google bar comes custom with android phones, and will provide answers to nearly any questions you might have. Seeing as around 60,000 android phones are sold everyday according to CEO of google, Eric Schmidt, someone is bound to have run into your problem before.

I love my phone, and am sure you will once you pick up your first android and start using it and it's thousands of apps.

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